I recently started working in Canva to make simple book covers.

They sell for 10$ apiece unless I and the client can discuss it and come to an agreement on a lesser price. You have to admit, though, this is pretty low already. *Smiles sheepishly*

The imagination often runs wild for some people. They may seem to be “out-of-control” at times. But in reality, they aren’t seeing what’s really there.

The Color of the Sky – to me – is a story that reveals what really goes on in the mind of a person who is said to be mentally handicapped.

Those with reasoning issues or who have a difficult time living in reality. Those with Alzheimer’s, for instance.



At times the human life may seem like The Rocky Shore, where one might often trip and maybe even fall. A place where injury is only too possible. But there is a Way to avoid That Rocky Shore. A Way that is difficult because of adversity. But it’s not impossible to attain that place of [solice] and beauty where one may also bathe in the waters that wash up on the shore.




When you go on vacation, what do you take? What are you ready for if it should happen? Do you take food and water? Bandages?

What about God’s Word? Vacation doesn’t mean you take time away from God. After all, God is the One Who created you and gave you life. The One Who sustains you in the hard times.

Too often we think of Vacation Time as “time off” from everything around us. Work. School. Even family, sometimes. But God is always there for us. So we should also always be there for Him.


 Falling in love isn’t an easy thing to do. It takes heart. It takes soul. It requires us to give even if we don’t receive.

It also demands that we be understanding. Forgiving. Willing to place the other’s happiness above our own.

In my eyes, this would be a fiction story that shows these things.

I apologize for the name ‘Phil’. I believe it’s possible to change if you so choose.