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After her fiancé overlooks a special event in their lives – in spite of promises made – Rachel Watkins isn’t certain they’re meant for each other anymore.

After Rachel declares she needs to think about their relationship – admitting that she’s considering breaking off their engagement – Markus Brody fears she will do just that. He sets out to win her back before it’s too late. Along the way, he discovers just how much he hurt her by making promises he didn’t keep.


The story of how I became a Christian at a fairlly young age. And lived for many years without thinking anything was the matter.

But then, what I thought was impossible happened. I was only eighteen at the time of the severe health issues that changed my life–and my family’s – forever.

But I kept my faith in God. I had to. I saw no hope anywhere else. And I have to say that because of that faith, I recovered. Mostly, anyway.

When facing the pain – any kind of pain, be it physical, emotional, or something else – one must know how to deal with it. How to face it. How to defeat it.

Karen and Karla Vidra are twins who battle pain on a daily basis. They aren’t very old really, though some of the younger generations might call them “advanced in years”. They are not.

When struggling to get through a day in spite of chronic agony, they turn to God for comfort and relief. And they go on because He is there.

[Rachel Walker] had a rough childhood.  After a relatively calm first few years, she finds out why her mother often has bruises on her arms and tears in her eyes.

When she’s only fifteen years of age and her mother has passed away in what her father claims was “an accident”, Rachel takes her chances and sets out on her own.

Ravaged Childhood is a story based on facts of life. But it also will show how one can overcome a situation like this.

Stolen from her loving family one night as a teenager, [Christine Goldman] is a rebellious captive. But one man among the few who are holding her captive seems gentler than the others. More understanding.

And when Christine makes an attempt to escape after several days of planning, none other than [Michael Sullivan] aids her in escaping. And then in surviving as she makes her way to the city from which she was abducted.


[Eizabeth Isaacson]was kidnapped as a teenager one evening as she walked home from a friend’s house. Her captor held her hostage for a period of four years, releasing her after a long, drawn-out battle of wits with one [Richard Goodman].

[Richard Goodman] grew up learning how to work hard and reap the fruits of his labors. Literally, because he grew up on a farm. His parents taught him the value of [working hard] and giving your best.

That came into play when he was called upon to negotiate with a kidnapper who, in order to obtain the revenge he sought, [kidnapped] the daughter of his enemy. Harming her was never part of his plan, but [Richard] was able to get her released by convincing the kidnapper he was doing her harm by holding her hostage.