34 years

I have yet to complete a single story worth publishing. And getting one that I am willing and able to write is becoming more and more difficult. My broken brain keeps blocking my efforts; making it almost impossible to actually finish anything.

So many people, though, have told me I can write something. Several have even gone so far as to say I will. And I sometimes feel invigorated to write something worthy of publication.

And yet it hasn’t happened yet. Honestly, I don’t know that it ever will. It takes such a long time to get something written and perfected to the point it’s worthy of being published. But…

I’m not giving up. As much and as often as I want to, I just can’t do it. Giving up honestly goes against my grain.

Maybe because I’m not getting any younger. Possibly because today is today and I just can’t get the thought of writing out of my head. It could also be because today is a new day and that somehow invigorates me regularly.

If you ask me, it’s mainly because of my numerous friends and acquaintances who encourage me to write. Maybe doing so in my blog is what I need to do in order to get the first draft completed. In any case…

This photo literally cracked me up in the Tim Hortons where I’m spending some time alone–to write. This is, wait for it, a chow-chow. Isn’t it funny-looking? And cute all at the same time!