V.S.S. 1 (unnamed)

A chiseled physique never affected her as much as it did now. The arms extending from his T-shirt boasted sizable muscles. Biceps and triceps that would put a body builder to shame.

And he’s just a mechanic, she thought. The use of the word “just”, however, made her blush when she realized it. He was more than just a mechanic. Much more. Why did she keep forgetting that about him?

He has a voice like an angel. She paused, realizing how cliche that is, amending it to something less common. He sounds like a… She frowned and shrugged when she realized there was no other way to describe his voice.

“You all right?” Simeon’s deep tone washed over her like so much water, causing her to shiver almost uncontrollably. She nodded quickly, hoping to divert his attention from her.

It worked. His eyes turned back to face the movie screen of the family theater. He’d managed to obtain free tickets when the church they [attended] held a drawing for the place.

Facing the Giants is one [piece] she had seen in the past, but she found it so enjoyable that seeing it again would be enjoyable nonetheless. The second of several family-friendly pictures was just that likeable.

All of them are, actually. Marissa smiled thinking about them. The five [movies] were all heartwarming, biblical [pictures]. Ones that tugged at her heart each time she viewed them.

“I love how they strike right at the heart of humanity.” Marissa glanced over at her seatmate, her lips lifting once again at his hushed words. How fortunate that they ended up sitting next to each other.

I couldn’t agree more, Simeon, she told him mentally. I couldn’t agree more. She focused her gaze on the screen, watching as the football players knelt together in a circle, filling part of the locker room as they prayed together. Their coach and teacher, Grant Taylor, lead them in asking for the Lord’s blessing on the upcoming game.

“I wonder how they got away with such an act of spirituality in a public school? It’s not normal for one of those places.” Marissa would have said more, but the on-screen coach was talking again, and she didn’t want to miss a thing.

“Shh!” Marissa glanced over at Simeon, staring intently at the screen. She almost got the impression he was actually devouring what was being displayed on the [screen] with his emerald eyes.

Did he really just shush me? Marissa almost couldn’t believe he showed such audacity. Then again, they both wanted to see the movie in its entirety. It wasn’t just her. She let out a sigh of relief knowing he wasn’t seriously angry with her.

At least I have some of the same interests as him. She glanced back in his direction, wondering why someone out of her league looked so [delicious]. She shook her head at the word, knowing she shouldn’t use it to describe a man’s good looks and hating herself for doing so now.

It’s degrading, she scolded herself, even if he doesn’t know that’s a word I use to describe him. Marissa shook her head, trying to clear the adjective she also used to [describe] tasty food from her mind. In her heart she didn’t want to think of anyone in that way.

“Handsome is what you are.” Marissa immediately clapped one hand over her mouth after realizing she spoke the words loud enough for him to hear them. Simeon looked over at her, blinking his long lashes as though uncertain what he heard. Marissa stared at him with wide eyes, fearful of what he might say next.

Just … please don’t leave. I couldn’t stand it if you go away because of me. Her newest thought went [unspoken], but she feared the damage had already been done. He still hadn’t said a word.

What should I do now? she asked herself, chewing on her lower lip nervously. Should she apologize or act like nothing happened? She pushed some loose hair behind her ear, not wanting to poison him with her body odor if she were to lift her arms in order to secure the pony tail once more.

I knew I should have taken a shower this afternoon, she grouched as she lowered her arms once more. The slight wrinkling of his nose told her that body odor wasn’t delicate.

Author: Kendra LaLonde

I want to put something here, but I'm not sure what to write.

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