A work-able workspace

Writing may be tough enough, but then when I have to sit in front of a window for some reason – this time it’s so I can plug in my computer – and the brightness outside practically blinds me! Not so I can’t see at all, but so there’s a reflection on my computer screen making it almost impossible to write.

It’s an almost-crippling condition to find myself in. My own shadow is just enough to hide a little more than one half of the [reflection], making it barely enough to write this post. There are other things that bother my writing, but for this moment that’s the one bothering me the most.

Just to name a few other “conditions”…

  1. When – for some reason unknown to me – what I’m writing suddenly disappears.  No explanation.
  2. When – again, unknown to me – the words I need won’t come. Almost like they’re hiding from me.
  3. When I’ve plugged in my computer but it runs out of power anyway. That one is more my own fault, though.



Author: Kendra LaLonde

I want to put something here, but I'm not sure what to write.

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