Sample Writing 2a

She’s observed him at every opportunity–usually on Sunday mornings. But he comes to Wednesday evenings once in a while, as well. Once upon a time, she used to avoid him if at all possible, hoping to keep from embarrassing either of them. And feeling relatively certain she would anyway.

/Eluding him hasn’t worked out so well/. He came over every once in a while to do some type of manual labor. Usually to mow the lawn. She never wished for snowfall more.

/Snow is a cold and [destructive] menace./ Pushing her more /unfavorable/ [ponderings] about the dreaded white powder aside, she eyed his lean form pushing the [mower]. It was the best to to distract herself from the incoming doom known as /Winter/.

/Not that it’s a [good way] to distract myself./ She frowned, shaking her head at the absurdity of her thoughts. This was no way to get her mind /off/ the man doing yard work.

/I’m insane to think I have any change with him, anyway./ She shook her head, hating how her thumping heart beat in *adjective* protest. She shook her head at the absurdity of her hopeful thoughts.

/He’s not the one for you and you know it. You’re not right for /anyone//. The mental scolding did almost nothing, and [she pursed her lips] in a vain attempt to control her wayward thoughts. She sighed at her crazy [ponderings], wishing she could get her [wild] imagination under control.

No one /is right for me. Not after my brain injury/. She glanced away from the mirror into which she’d been staring mournfully. She eyed the scenery to the side of the house instead of focusing inward. The view was magnificent beyond the trees in the back yard.

/If it wasn’t for those wires hanging from every telephone pole,/ she considered, /the view would be utterly spectacular./ Her computer skills weren’t the best, so photoshopping them out wouldn’t work so well. She decided to forego getting any photos. She would just keep taking snapshots that required less work.

/After all, it’s not like there are actual teachers and classes for that stuff around here. I just have to keep it simple./


Author: Kendra LaLonde

I want to put something here, but I'm not sure what to write.

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