Struggles and Triumphs

Over the years I have wanted to quit writing many times. Making book covers has undergone the same type of hesitancy.

But for some reason, I’m just not able to give up on it. When I was semi-conscious after my brain injury I kept trying to get out of the nightmare I thought I was in. I don’t remember much about those days, but I know from the stubbornness I showed then that giving up just isn’t in me.

As a result, I’ve sold a number of book covers. All were custom-made, and the authors who bought them told me they really liked the results.

At times I still want to throw it all away. But when people tell me they like what I’ve done – whether in writing or cover-making – it encourages me so much that I keep going.

A result of this is my continuing artwork and some occasional writing. The writing, though, I hope to start up again in full force soon. I have to say, though, that it’s very disappointing when people will go about attempting to make their own. They don’t have the time or money to learn it well, where I did.

But I’m not the one who can tell people to their faces they aren’t good at something. No one is one hundred percent great at anything. So while I hope to make good-to-great book covers that people will want to buy, I make them more for me because of why I started making them in the first place.

But that’s another story. One I doubt I’ll be explaining about on a public site like this.

Author: Kendra LaLonde

I want to put something here, but I'm not sure what to write.

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